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Antifascists VS David Irving 2012 (Round Three)

The world's most infamous holocaust denier, anti-semite, and Nazi sympathizer, David Irving, is at it again, attempting another 30-day US tour. "He intends to do a presentation glorifying Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany behind Adolf Hitler and the man ho coordinated the Holocaust." We're calling upon militant antifascists to confront his tour at every stop possible, and send a clear message that revisionism and fascist organizing will not be taken lightly.

A Look Back at 2009:

In New Jersey, dozens of antifascists filled the Pompton Plains hotel, chanting and struggling with attendees. They were so effective in disrupting the even that police had to escort attendees out. The same happened a day later in NYC where the even was not only disruped, but both Irving's tour manager Jaenelle Antas and neo-Nazi friend Alex Carmichael were pepper-sprayed. Faced with humiliation and defeat, Irving was forced to cancel his next few scheduled appearances, but the chaos did not end there. Days later his Chicago event was shut down with dozens of masked antifascists stormed into the Edelweiss Restaurant turning over tables, destroying merchandise, and assaulting attendees, while Irving and Antas locked themselves in a supply closet in a magnificent display of cowardice.

Right in the middle of his failed east coast appearances, his websites were attacked by antifascist hackers who released his private emails and databases to Wikileaks. The emails gave hilarious details of the frustrations caused by Irving's infatuation with his much younger assistant Jaenelle, and also eventually caused his landlord to kick Irving out of his Winsdor home. More importantly, this leak revealed private speaking locations as well as names and addresses of dozens of racist Nazi sympathizers who purchased tickets-- a warning to those who would consider purchasing a ticket to Irving's gatherings.

The conflicts that populated Irving's 2009 tour exemplify the danger that venues are sure to face should they host his events. Irving, fearing confrontations during his 2009 tour, had hired "Tip of the Spear", a group which advertises private security for white power events. At the 2009 Palm Springs function, the very people he hired for security had initiated a knife fight amongst warring neo-Nazi attendees Christopher Nachtman and John Kopko. The event was booked under Focal Point Productions and the Ritz-Carlton had no idea who Irving was. Additionally, one person attending the 2009 Chicago function, John Gisselbrech, was hospitalized during the antifa disruption, hurt so badly that he has hired the prominent Deratany Firm to file a lawsuit against David Irving, his publishing company Focal Point Productions, and Edelweiss Restaurant (who hosted Irving for the second year in a row) for failing to make adequate security precautions. The million dollars at stake may shut down these businesses-- yet another warning of what might happen to spaces that host fascist speaking events. Further, they give warning to the puerile few considering attending, as to just that happen if they do attend. They will be confronted, exposed, shut down, and humiliated.

Increased Paranoia in 2011:

It was 2011 and Irving announced he was coming back again. The attacks on Irving's 2009 stops now had him jumping through hoops in order to keep his events safe; implementing massive screening processes and very expensive ticket prices in cities where Irving suspected he would be most challenged. This only made his turnouts about one-third the size of his 2009 tour, a victor in itself for us antifa.

Even with the obstacles, Irving's 2011 tour did not go unchallenged. His Indiana date was shut down twice. The first which was to take place at the MCL cafeteria in Carmel was brough to an immediate halt when some antifa tossed bricks containing anti-Irving messages through the window. In St. Louis, the hosting hotel was attacked and in Chicago a massive phone jam was implemented on the Drake hotel, followed by an alleged bomb threat.

Interestingly, David Irving's tour manager and personal assistant for the third year in a row is Jaenelle Antas (7823 Ella Dobbs Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46227 / 317-379-8871 / 305-923-9400). Despite his unforgettable troubles stemming from the 2009 tour (the pepper-spray and Irving's elderly sexual advances), Jaenelle is giving him another chance and is handling all booking and ticket sales for his tour. The former Assistant to the Chair of the Indiana Libertarian Party, Jaenelle is also involved in her local white supremacist scene in Indianapolis, belonging to the hate group "Hoosier Nation" which is organizing to support Indiana's anti-immigrant bill SB590.

David Irving, much like all other proponents of Holocaust denial, have a very specific agenda that, upon further examination, has less to do with spreading their distorted fantasies, and more about Nazi sympathy, scapegoating Jews, and legitimizing racism. Holocaust deniers are attempting to lift the taboo off the Holocaust in order to make Nazism more of an accepted political ideology; in other words, they deny the Holocaust so it can happen again.

It's 2012 and the bastard is at it again! All out against Irving!!!

July 31st Day of Action Against Fascism and Racism

Join us on July 31, 2012 as we come together to deliver a message to fascists and racists in our neighborhoods and communities: GET OUT!

For the past two years, antifascist and anti-racist organizers across the world have worked together to make July 31st a day to oppose white supremacy. This annual event was started in 2010 as a response to white supremacist attacks against anti-racists and antifascists, attacks that were meant to stop us from organizing.

Fascists and racists should not have a chance to let their ideas take root in our communities. History has shown that ignoring racist groups when they hold marches and demonstrations does not make them go away. Organized racists and fascists-- whether neo-Nazi, Klan, white power skinhead crew, or the Minutemen-- leave intimidation and violence in their wake wherever they settle.

We don't believe in waiting for the police to handle the fascists and racists, either. We've had our fair share of encounters with the police, and we know their job is to protect and serve us with harassment, beatings, and arrests. We've seen how the police stand around and protect the fascists whenever they hold a rally or a march, but are quick to crack skulls at an anti-war march or an Occupy protest. We've also seen how the police routinely criminalize, harass, arrest, and attack people of color and queer people. We know that institutions like the police and prisons can never be "fixed" or "reformed" if their function is to maintain a racist and homophobic power structure.

We encourage participants to support the July 31st Day of Action in whatever ways make the most sense locally. Want to plan a punk or hip hop show to raise funds for antifa? Do it. Want to flyer your neighborhood about a local neo-Nazi? Go for it! Want to organize an anti-police brutality march or prison abolition teach-in? Yes, please!

If you are having a hard time finding inspiration for a solidarity action, we wish to remind folks that over the past few months two great intelligence releases have transpired.

The first was the hack on American Third Position (A3P), who, after having their website defaced and then destroyed, had loads of juicy private conversations as well as hundreds of names and addresses of members and supporters released by antifascist hackers. See the mirror here, a re-post here, and the address list here.

The next is the National Socialist Movement (NSM). The ex-wife of the NSM leader, Jeff Schoep, handed over a notebook of his filled with the full NSM membership roster, including names, addresses, and some social security numbers, of every member dating back from 2004 up to December of 2011. See the full story here or the address list here (some of the address are dated, of course, so be sure to make confirmations before dissemination).

Both of these organizations would make for great targets for the J31 Day of Action. In fact, we hope that they are the major focus of this Day of Action.

Although we recognize the limitations of single "days of action", we hope July 31st will serve as a catalyst for long lasting, proactive antifascist affinity groups or organizations. We believe that we need a dedicated and large force of militant antifascists with great intelligence, analysis, and dedication to crushing the emerging Right and fascist movements.

If your organization or crew is interested in endorsing the July 31st Day of Action, please contact us t July31DOA@yahoo.com.