Two Neo-Nazis with Ties to Central and Northeastern Ohio EXPOSED!

Patrick Boggs Jr. of the Akron/Kent area, has recently been outed online as a neo-Nazi.
Patrick has a New Saxon account and an active white supremacist presence, writing poetry for incarcerated White Nationalists. We found record of his stint in the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison, where there was an eleven day riot in 1993 executed by an unlikely alliance between the Aryan Brotherhood and Gangster Disciples, though not much info could be recovered on the exact conviction or sentence.

Patrick has some connection with Kyle Rogers, one of those heading the antifa witch-hunt with Scott Ernest (mjodr) on Twitter, Facebook, and the Tinley Park 5 legal support page, and attempting to cut ties with pedophile Steven Eugene Speers by claiming he was a mole for ARA.


Patrick Boggs Jr.
(234) 525-8172
Kent, Ohio
Writes poetry for WPSD
Order of Aryan Resistance 88

Associate of:

Kyle Rogers
Stormfront account: Valhalla
Formerly of Mt. Sterling, Ohio
(843) 637-3340
3 Tulleys Aly
Charleston, SC 29403
Writes for Charleston Conservative Examiner
Council of Concerned Citizens

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