The Carrs, A VSC Family in the Making

  Super-douchebag Jon Carr (aka Jean Claude) is the leader of the Ohio chapters of the Vinlanders Social Club.

VSC was founded under the names of the Hoosier State Skinheads and the Ohio State Skinheads in 2003 in Knightstown, Indiana. Shortly afterwards, members of what had been the Ohio State Skinheads, who had been living near South Campus, Weinland Park, and the Short North neighborhoods of Columbus, moved to the outlaying suburbs (including Newark, Reynoldsburg, and Lancaster). Jon Carr was not an original or founding member of the club, though he has been in charge of the Ohio chapters since at least 2008.

We found record of Jon Carr and his friend Jason Gregg (aka Junior) being arrested in February 2008 in Newark for the abduction and shooting of a federal agent. No record of imprisonment or trial exists for this instance. To us, this seems highly suspect; paired with Carr’s willy-nilly release of his own information and eagerness to gather names and phone numbers of those interested in white nationalism in and around Ohio, it seems sketchy as fuck.

Carr has ties to Newark, Lancaster, and Columbus, as well as Indianapolis, Indiana, and Denver, Colorado, and it is believed that he and Junior moved to Newark with the explicit intent to help out with the club. Jon’s son, Jesse, has grown up in the neo-Nazi movement and chose to embrace it in his early teenage years, stating on his New Saxon account "I saw the light after hearing Skrewdriver and started to see all of the lies about Hitler, NSM, Skinheads, and realised the enemy was the Jews, muds,etc. I belive in the 14 words and RaHoWa. I would do anything to make sure my race lives on."

Most recently, Jesse was the one of the youngest Vinlander hanger-ons to attend their gathering and concert in Pickerington, Ohio, at the age of sixteen; he proudly sported a brand new Skrewdriver tshirt and posed amongst paintings of klansmen and swastikas alongside VSC members and probates from throughout the Midwest. This happened the same night a Vinlander’s home was hit up with antifa graffiti and had a club flag stolen by multiple chapters of ARA, while said Nazi residents partied in their upstairs apartment.

In recent years, it seems Jesse may have moved in with another family member in Lancaster, Ohio and no longer resides with Jon Carr at his home in Olde Town East.  His Facebook profile shows that he attended Crossroads Center for Youth, a center of the Franklin County juvenile courts for teenagers at risk of dropping out, or those with extraneous school records.

Now almost eighteen, Jesse is a recent high school graduate. In October, he’ll officially be able to join the club as a probate (like Grimm), though it surprises us that his dad didn’t bend the rules for his oldest son. Afterall, Jesse is almost a man grown, with a daughter of his own now.

Strangely, Jesse appears to have taken up boxing or some other martial art, despite the high number of people of color involved in the sport. According to the VSC rules, “all probates must weight train and train to fight during their probation period with measurable improvements during their probationary term”, so Jesse may just be getting an early start on the requirements for his probationary status.

On March 23, 2012, Jon sent himself these pictures of Jesse in the hospital. It seems that his racial hatred might have caught up with him at his Franklin and Licking County public schools. Perhaps he just isn’t that great at boxing afterall, though this seems a bit excessive for a wound incurred in the ring.

Recently, he told a friend online that he’d be working for his dad’s business after graduation, with the intent to visit California.


Jon Carr
VSC forums: jeanclaude
(740) 689-8275
Columbus, Ohio

Jesse Carr
Member of WPWW Xbox Live clan
Lancaster, Ohio

Jason Gregg
VSC forums: junior
Columbus, Ohio

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